People often find it useful, healing and educational to work with a counsellor or therapist at those times in their lives when they are experiencing difficulties they cannot resolve on their own.

It is my belief, and experience, that when we are experiencing difficulties in our relationships and in our life, working with a counsellor or therapist can help us to understand ourselves and find solutions to those difficulties.

My philosophy

We are shaped by our relationships with others and key events in our lives.  In particular we are shaped during our early years and the way we are in the world and in our relationships is as a result of those experiences.  Therefore, I practice a model of psychotherapy which is called Integrative and which means, relational and developmental.  My name is Nicole Bradley and I am a qualified Integrative counsellor and psychotherapist. What does that mean in practice? It means I am interested in getting to know someone. I am interested in their past as well as their present. I believe everyone makes sense in their context, and it is my job to get to know the context. This is a ‘talking therapy’.

Why people seek counselling and psychotherapy

People come with mental health issues and a variety of reasons.  Perhaps they have low self-esteem, or feel low and depressed.  Sometimes people come because they have suffered a trauma, or bereavement.  It could be that they have been bullied or are finding it difficult to manage the stresses of their work environment.  Anxiety and low self-worth cause a lot of unhappiness. People come wanting to leave feeling better able to enjoy life and all that it has to offer.  Whatever the reason, psychotherapy and counselling have been known to help.

The setting

I work privately in Bristol, South Gloucestershire.  I work online currently and face-to face when circumstances allow.  I will be available online and face-to-face when things return to ‘normal’.

I am non-judgmental, and provide a safe and confidential environment.


I offer individual or small group supervision. I am based in Bristol,, South Gloucestershire. Please contact me if you would like to discuss this.