What happens during an assessment?

During the 50 minute session I like to ask some questions about a person’s history, how they grew up, who they grew up with etc.  I also like to get a sense of why a person feels they want to work with a therapist and explore how they think it might work.  It is also important to understand what a person’s goals are.  Both the client and the therapist need to be comfortable working together and a face-to-face meeting achieves this. The assessment gives people an opportunity to share their concerns about the process and ask any questions they have.

How much does therapy cost?

I charge £50 per session but have a couple of spaces available for people with low incomes which I offer on a sliding scale. Currently, both spaces are full.

How long will it take?

It is not possible to predict at the beginning of therapy, how long a person will need to spend in therapy however, it is possible to contract an initial number of sessions and then review progress.